The Gift
An Invitation To You From Gay Hendricks

The Gift
An Invitation To You From Gay Hendricks

In my thirties I received the gift of a conversation that changed my life.
At the heart of that conversation was a certain question.
Answering it gave me a life blessed with love, happiness and wealth,
a life in which all my dreams came true.
Now, I want to offer you the same gift,
in hopes you will use its power to create your own fulfilled life.

The Book & The Movie

My book, FIVE WISHES, tells the story of the conversation,
the question, and the unusual ways my five wishes all came true.
After writing the book, I teamed with a gifted actor/director,
Michael Goorjian, to make a 17-minute movie that brings
the conversation to life.
Click on the link below to see streaming video of the movie now. Enjoy!

The Invitation

I invite you to use this website to share your own wishes,
and to read the wishes others have expressed.
If your wishes come from your heart, you’ll likely find,
as I did, that the universe is ready and waiting
to bless you with gifts galore.

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