Five Wishes Video

After I wrote Five Wishes, I realized that the first part of the book (which tells the story of the conversation that started it all) would also make a good movie. It seemed blessed from the moment we decided to make it. Kathlyn and I wrote it, cast it, hired the director and star, and had a finished movie-all within about three month's time. Directed by and starring Michael Goorjian, the movie features Karron Graves and the acting debut of someone I think you'll recognize when he appears about 5 minutes into the movie. The story takes just under 20 minutes to tell, which is how long the original conversation took when I had it 30 years ago. Els estudis mostren que aquesta impotència masculina es converteix en més i pot ajudar Viagra genèrico en aquesta situació?

~ Gay Hendricks

Watch the film now by pressing play on the screen below. Enjoy the film!

Attention Women!

A Special Message From Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks

Show this movie to any man you care about. It shows the only way a man can overcome the hidden problem that keeps men from having close relationships. It could save you years of therapy and relationship counseling. If you are interested in relationships, love and intimacy, you're in for a real treat.

PS to Men

Have you ever wondered why your relationships with women don't go very well? Watch this movie - it shows the only way to overcome the hidden problem that keeps men from having successful close relationships.



ALSO....Recently Gay Hendricks sat down with "Peace Troubadour" James Twyman, to discuss his thoughts on the empowering tool of  Manifestation. This was the sixth session of a 6 part Manifestation Seminar Series that Gay led after the release of Five Wishes in 2007. We invite you to enjoy this fascinating glimpse into the conversations that took place.

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